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Los Angeles

Spending the month of February in Los Angeles, working from a place I rented with Chris Batty in Santa Monica. An ersatz Gawker HQ West.

February 1, first morning in LA. MOP hosted me at his new Venice beach bungalow.

Scones were enjoyed.

Our place, at 832 15th Street (at Montana). More photos at, and to follow, in this Flickr photoset.

Driving Through Estonia

Trip so far: Helsinki > Tallinn > Estonian seaside > Riga. Seen here, a moment on the two-lane Estonian superhighway, with the local radio station’s Flight of the Bumblebee marathon serving as soundtrack. Scott Fossell is your driver.

Ski Lake Tahoe

Ken in powder at Heavenly’s Dipper Woods.
New goggles! N.B. my face is now three times as red.
Lunch of Champions at Kirkwood’s Outback. N.B. spicy andouille sausage at right.
Kirkwood’s cornice on powder Wednesday.
Back from ten days in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, far from email and the Internet. Upside: amazing skiing (endless powder, Tahoe on track for a record March snowfall), NCAA basketball, Harrahs. Downside: massive losses at the tables. Result: fantastic vacation. (More pix on Flickr. Whee!)
· Lake Tahoe March 2006 [Flickr]
· Storm Pummels Tahoe [Tahoe Daily Tribune]