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Friday Surfing

· A Friendex. Lindsay examines her 106 Friendsters for patterns: “Number of times I’ve re-read my testimonials while in a down mood: at least 3. Number of times I’ve been De-Friendstered: 2. Number of times I’ve been Re-Friendstered: 1.” []
· Burn, Baby, Burn. A dramatic photo of this week’s Essex Street fire. [ via ebway]
· Befure and Afther. JVG offers an inside peek at the book design process, focusing on the evolution of a single spread in Book of Ages 30. []
· Everything’s Not Lost. Our boy Blubox is still working through the Grady Little debacle. Bless his heart. []

Weekend Update

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. On a weekend when Tellme Sports anchor Mark Andretti “took the weekend off, for the first time ever”—robbing us of our lifeline to baseball scores on the season’s penultimate weekend—there was redemption. The surprise victory for The West Wing at the Emmys brought our boy Palmermix to the stage. Yes, that’s him in the upper right corner, preparing, one assumes, to throw a punch.
· West Wing Emmy Photos []

Friday Afternoon Linkage

· On the same day Eliot posts his 1000th photo, the Sox go 2.5 up in the Wild Card. Coincidence? []
· Also on the baseball beat: “Dude, I was TOTALLY on Sports Center this weekend!  They showed clips from the doubleheader and if you, like, look close you could see me look over my shoulder at Derek.” []
· Apparently they mint ‘em all alike at Tulane law school. “And if his wedding was on the date of a key trial, ‘the wedding would be postponed. If the wife to be did not like it, I would inform her that work comes before EVERYTHING ELSE and that if she does not like this, she is free to find a competing husband.’” []
· Also smoking: giant Eldridge Street pot farm found behind moving bookcase [NYPost via the nightlife divas at gothamist]

Links for Your Surfing Entertainment

· Blubox. Longtime confidante MBS—dreamer, lover, NYC nightlife gallivant and screenplay competition success story—has returned to the keyboard to breathe life into his nascent, highly promising weblog Blubox. Discussed: John Leguizamo, Rocco Dispirito, Rickey Henderson, Corner Bistro, Ang Lee, Daily Candy, more. Do stop in. []
· Snarkwatch. As long as we’re going all Believer on you, an email from the McSweeneys folks alerts us to Snarkwatch. Stated goal: “A place to record enthusiasms, mystifications, as well as disgruntled reactions to ‘critical activity.’” Paging Ms. Spiers… []
· Get Alife. Update on the sneaker looting story: hip sneaker boutique Alife is suing ConEd for $2.5 million “for failing to enact ‘contingency plans’ to protect customers.” Uh, yeah. Let’s make this baby a class action. [yahoo news]
· Club Blog. No, not the name of a new downtown establishment (though that’s probably an inevitability). Anil alerts us to a new NYC nightlife blog, (Looks like ass on our Mac, but maybe you’ll have better luck.) []
· Extreme Houses. Lost in the chaos last Friday was this rather amusing Times story about unsellable white elephant residences in the Hamptons. Packed liberally with quotes from my boss, including: “It’s been my fate to live in this house.” []
· Blackout Drama. Finally, the obligatory blackout link: some nice snaps at TeenDrama of the Ludlow street party last Thursday night. []
· BLACKOUT UPDATE: Some even better Ludlow party snaps from TeenDrama partner-in-crime Dynatrite. []


· Grand Tour. An article in the Forward (workplace of Friend of This Space and notable new blogger Ami Eden) tips us off to The idea: call an 800 number from your cellphone, key in a code, and hear historical commentary about particular places in your neighborhood. The service launches later this month with a Tour of the Lower East Side narrated by Jerry Stiller: “This cell phone walking tour will take you into a world of tenements and sweatshops, radicals and capitalists, artists and gangsters — and make the history around you come alive.” (We smell brand extension here…) []
· Big Ups. Food & Wine names WD-50 one of the year’s 10 best openings—in the world. And somewhere, Wylie Dufresne is flattening another oyster… [ via nyceats]
· Just Here to Help! Speaking of our boy Wylie, he’s now on Friendster. (Favorite Music: “The riveting moans of young women as my creations touch their lips, the gentle hum of my blender, the sweet ring of the cash register, and also Manu Chao “) []
· He’s got an in at Razor. “I’m looking for ‘scouts’ who can provide HIGHLY COMPELLING story ideas I can pitch to leading magazines,” reads this bizarro world Craigslist post. [craigslist via romenesko]

Linkage in a Chain

Catching up after a busy week…
· Blogger Gurls. Nice NYPress write-up about the increasing influence of NYC music bloggers The Modern Age, Melody Nelson and Jenyk: “”They’re extremely important, and they’re also brutally honest. That’s really the thing. No one’s paying them to like anything. There’s no agenda.” []
· When City Planning Attacks. Felix Salmon attends the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. hearing about how federal WTC monies could be used to help the LES. “The protest on the Lower East Side wasn’t as out of control as the one in Chinatown, where windows got smashed, but it was certainly loud and disruptive… If I were the HUD, I would consider the shouting and the demonstrations in the Lower East Side and Chinatown to be evidence—if any were needed—that the impact of September 11 is a bit like gravity, decreasing with the square of the distance from the center point.” []
· It said “Just like heaven.”
Another compelling Friendster conversation. [ via megnut]
· Sold Out. Congrats, JVG, on Buddy selling out its entire run. Now, let’s hope the show doesn’t suck! []