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Monday’s List

Is the best blogger working today, inside or outside the music industry. He’s the master of a type of ruthlessly judgmental quick-hit post that takes on anything and anyone, which, in the spirit of stealing from the best, I hereby undertake in this space now.

Of course I’m upgrading (6, not 6 Plus). Upgrading every year to the new iPhone is one of the few no-brainer decisions available in this modern age. If you’re not upgrading every year because you’re waiting until you’re eligible for an upgrade from your carrier, I submit that you’re choosing one of the strangest ways possible to save a couple hundred bucks. The new phones are always better, always faster, and if you spend more than a few minutes a day on yours, you’re robbing yourself by not upgrading. Two friends over at our apartment last week forced us to dig an iPhone 4 cable out of the drawer for them. How debasing.

Nope. No chance. I got a free Samsung phone for participating in Guest of a Guest’s questionnaire/photoshoot You Should Know Powered by Samsung Galaxy. Nice looking phone. Feels good in the hand. But the software. It’s still terrible. Feels like everything’s on a lag. The finesse just isn’t there. Talked about this with a friend who’s a major CTO this weekend. Asked him if he’d consider swapping his iPhone for Android. Answer: “No way. No chance.” Yup.

I’ve had it since the first iPhone, and I’m not thinking of changing carriers. Lefsetz thinks this makes me one of the stupider people in America. Maybe? Or maybe just the fact that we make so few phone calls these days means only data and data speed really matter?

Of course should go. Will he? I suggest that he will, because with the NFL facing a threat to its very existence over the coming decades, Goddell has shown that he is not up to the task. I suspect the owners know this and that despite their public defenses of the man, they will act accordingly. To make it interesting, harryh and I made a bet a few days ago about whether Goddell will be the person to hand the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl champs in February 2015. I have $100 that says he won’t be.

Looked like absolute crap in week one. Looked totally dominant in week two. Lesson: who the hell knows? Though among Pats fans, feels like everyone’s in the mood for fatalism this year.

How to keep interest in your last-place baseball team this late in the season? If you’re the Red Sox, make a surprise $72 million signing of a Cuban outfielder who’s never played a game in the major leagues, then send him quickly up through your farm system over the past few weeks before unveiling him in the majors tomorrow night in Pittsburgh. Somehow Larry Lucchino wins again.

Are the team I’m rooting for in the postseason. Wouldn’t hate to see Baltimore or K.C. win, either. As always, fuck the National League.

Is the new East Village restaurant that captured some buzz this summer because its chef came from Yardbird, the fantastically awesome fried-chicken-and-southern-cuisine restaurant in South Beach, Miami. Finally made it to brunch here a few weekends back. Maybe because I’ve been to Yardbird, maybe because I’ve spent more time dining in the South as of late, but — pass. Liked the vibe of the room but the food didn’t do it for me. When the cornbread is a miss, where you gonna go from there? And this, by the way, is patently absurd. The fried chicken tastes of dill. Dill!

Is more Tribeca than ever.

Is responsible for three-quarters of the meals we put on our tables. (Well, Mark and Quinciple. Quinciple, about which I’ll have more to say on another day.) This time of year, we’ll do like Mark and make this recipe at least half a dozen times in the next two weeks. Enjoy.

Derek Jeter

Yesterday was Derek Jeter day at Yankee Stadium. Reading the Post on the subway to work this morning, came across this paragraph from Ken Davidoff:

Nevertheless, on the Yankees’ spectrum, Sunday ranked as understated — and fitting, given the honoree’s personality. Derek Jeter Day came off as dignified and simple, with the captain himself playing an essential role in the execution.

Taking nothing away from Derek Jeter, whom I admire as much as the next non-Yankee fan and whom I’ll applaud in person likely for the final time this Thursday at Yankee Stadium as the Bombers square off against the Toronto Blue Jays, that’s hilarious. Understated! The entire Yankees team are wearing Derek Jeter patches for the rest of the season! (Credit to the New Era Caps president’s straightforward take on why: “As soon as he announced this was going to be his final season, we could see the market was hungry for it.”) For the record: retiring someone’s number and putting them on commemorative patches while they are still playing is not understated. It is hilarious, though.

The way things are trending, Jeter is likely to play his last game ever at Fenway Park on Sunday, September 28. Which means that we’ve only got three weeks left of the greatest creation to grace the web in recent history: Mark Lisanti’s weekly Captain’s Log, aka Derek Jeter’s Diary, at Grantland. It began in the spring of 2012, when everything else begins again, and it blossomed in the summer of 2013, filling the afternoon and evenings with A-Rod’s transformation into a centaur. Now, as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves us to face the fall alone.

The Diary took a brief August hiatus for reasons known only to Lisanti, but it’s back as of last week. Don’t miss this stretch drive: once more unto the breach, dear Jetes.


Above, as seen outside Sox stalwart bar Professor Thoms. My thoughts almost exactly, though I am trying to set aside a tiny part of my heart to feel happy for Daulerio if the Phillies pull it off. Clarification: a really, really tiny part. [via dear-departed EVE]

Rays fans keep it classy: “According to reports, the incident stemmed from a few fans hazing a concertgoer wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and quickly escalated into a scuffle in the middle of ‘Tie Your Shoes’ (with one fan even throwing an object onstage that hit the drummer Todd Nance).”

Roger Angell, God bless you: “Boston’s comeback is the second-best October turnabout in major-league history, topped only by an eight-run seventh inning by the Philadelphia Athletics in 1929, which won the fourth game and put the White Elephants (as the A’s were called then) on their way to a five-game championship win over the Chicago Cubs. That game and inning are well remembered by this writer (who, at nine, could scarcely handle the yard-and-a half-wide sports pages of the time)—especially an inside-the-park homer by Mule Haas.”