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· The Soxaholix: Get Your War On meets Red Sox Nation (“Some tentative destinies plague us.”) [The Soxaholix]
· I Have Been Out and About (“I have seen two people having sex in a bathroom stall at Sway, and been shocked to see that as they came out their faces displayed neither beauty nor shame.”) [D-Nasty, doing some of his finest work as of late]
· The definitive Food Blog list [Kiplog]
· Sartorial analysis of next Monday night’s NYC Blogger Event (do come see us make fools of ourselves at the Apple Store in manners far beyond the wardrobe) [The Blueprint]

Linky Link!

· Visual Newsmap (“an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator”… astoundingly cool) [ via boingboing]
· Theo Epstein’s Florida frat house, Phi Sign-a Playa (“Jed Hoyer was sleeping at 2 in the morning so we opened his door, yelled ‘fire’ and got him with the fire extinguisher. That was pretty good.”) [Boston Globe via blubox]
· Choire Sicha, Loathsome New Yorker (it was inevitable) []
· Noted photoblogger seeks temporary downtown commercial space (help these worthy souls out—karma, baby) [Craigslist]

Ides of Linkage

· Subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale [Fake is the New Real via Cool Hunting]

· Onfolio, new browser-based web research tool [Onfolio via Searchblog]
· JVG’s quest for the perfect sentence continues apace (“Perhaps the act of trying to create the perfect sentence prevents me from doing so. Perhaps I simply must relax and let it flow. Perhaps I have written the perfect sentence already and unwittingly sent it to somone else.”) []
· Construction getting underway at 11 Spring St. [Gawker]
· Jen Bekman Gallery turns 1 today (Congrats!) [Jen Bekman]

Friday Afternoon in the Universe Linkage

· The real Time Warner Center story: NYC’s first Jamba Juice! [NYPost, graf 14]
· Confirmed: American Apparel moving in at Orchard/Houston (take that, GAP! And: don’t miss Trevor’s stunning photos of the big fire on Avenue B a few weeks back) [NYCArtCollective]
· Repairs to start on LES/EV East River promenade (will open in stages; first chunk in summer ’05) [The Villager]
· “A group of 20 somethings are looking for somewhere to eat on Saturday near Essex and Rivington” (this should be rich) [Chowhound]


· NYMag anoints the “New West Coast” (We’d do a point-by-point comparison with their “Lower West Side” cover story a few years back, but hell, what’s the point? Here’s all you need to know from this week’s article: “You’re seeing a lot of your typical Upper East Side buyers moving downtown for something hipper, cooler, with better views and new modern buildings.” Awesome.) []
· The Ageing Manhattanite Interview [Eurotrash]
· Happy first birthday to MUG (N.B. self-referential plug, natch) [MUG]
· Delicious Chinatown market photos (now w/bonus fish!) [bluejake]
· Best Romenesko headline ever: “Journalists Shouldn’t Use Friendster as Reporting Tool” (UPDATE: Memefirst weighs in) [Romenesko]
· Free Republic: Is it Time to Boycott Heinz? (bonus cooking tips: “Personally—and this has nothing to do with Teresa Heinz—I think ketchup ruins food. So I don’t use any ketchup at all. Or any condiment for that matter. Except olive oil, which enhances the foods it is poured on instead of drowning out its flavor”) []

Catching Up and Dumbing Down

We’re back from a midwinter jaunt to Palm Beach. Lest you’ve read this month’s Vanity Fair and assume we’ve joined the new South Florida “intelligencia,” let it be known: (a) we were there on business; and (b) two out of three days it rained, and the day it didn’t, temperatures hit 49 degrees. More to come on this. But first, a catch-up from the fun we’ve been missing on our home isle…

· The struggle is on for reservations at Thomas Keller’s Per Se (“There was a glimmer of hope at 10:05, when I actually got a ring. The line rang and rang, for a full minute … and then disconnected. That was the best minute of my day…” from Frost Street, “the culinary adventures of a New York lawyer”) []

· Email Newsletter Smackdown! DailyCandy publishes item on online game Penguin Smack-down ’04; MUG’s Charlie Suisman fires back a stern retort (“Here’s a hilarious fact: 40,000 penguins die each year along the coast of Argentina as a result of oil pollution.”) Related: Double Agent said to be considering using lingerie-clad models to slaughter penguins on Canal Street. Stay tuned.

· A moment of silence, please, for reality TV pioneer Mary-Ellis Bunim []

· At last, it can be told: Behind our sordid relationship with the rock outfit Phish. That’s just one of the thoroughly pointless tidbits we dish as Gothamist pairs with Lower East Side bon vivant Andrew Krucoff to introduce the Gothamist Interview. We have it on good authority that they started with us to set the bar nice and low. To all the Young Manhattanites to follow, we accept your thanks in absentia.

Monday Linkage

· City Section article on the LES FreshDirect conspiracy (here’s our map) [NYTimes]
· Chattering Class Virtual Yearbook (kindly set aside the next hour of your life) [The Corsair]
· Bill Simmons is blogging from the Super Bowl [ESPN]
· Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot: Why We Moved to Albany (hint: it wasn’t for resident parking stickers) [Albany Times-Union]
· Rojas: “No offense to any of the Goofy People” [Gizmodo]
· BREAKING: Kerry couldn’t get laid at St. Paul’s! (“If he doesn’t make moves on a beautiful blonde, how can he be president?”) [Talking Points Memo]
· Drudge for Drunkards: Wonkette (Ana Marie Cox blogs about D.C., politics, and hair) [Wonkette]