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Per TechCrunch, the line between fiction and reality officially has merged: Zooomr, the company launched by 17 year old Kristopher Tate (he¬ís now 18) in March, will be releasing a new beta version 2.0 sometime around the end of June… where they are really pushing the envelope is on photo metadata, particularly geotagging via a mashup with Google maps.” Someone, anyone, shoot me in the head.

Sitting in my apartment, waiting for delivery from Moustache, and listening to yesterday’s Daily Source Code. Having recently tested the podcasting waters, I’ve been won over. The February 22 episode of Daily Source Code, Adam Curry’s show, is an excellent introduction to the genre, as Curry refutes some of the standard arguments (“who wants to listen to unprofessionally produced audio?”) thrown against the format. Plus, mashups! I’m using iPodder, a free Mac/PC download that transfers podcasts right into iTunes.
Giving some thought to reviving Below 14th as a podcast. How hot would an exclusive Wylie Dufresne interview be?