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Dined at lower Chelsea newcomer Crema Friday night; it’s from the same people who do Mexicana Mama in the West and now Central Village. Very solid food—there’s a cheese/sausage thing that’s beyond decadent. Very gay crowd, natch.

After having concluded that if I read one more thing on one more food blog about the arrival of ramps onto the spring plate, I would strike out for the fjords, comes this: “I have danced with the wild foraged foods of early spring, always excited by the possibility and always disappointed with the reality. Ramps and fiddleheads are like promising dates that end up making your ex look terrific.” Amen. [via, uh, a food blog]

2006_04_dressler-thumbsm.jpgAlso from Saturday night: hit new South Williamsburg restaurant Dressler with Ken, Michelle, Jordan, and Christina. Despite the deluge, totally fantastic—decor done perfectly. (Related: just a great neighborhood, too, and one that I’m happy to have more excuses to visit.)