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Prayers for The Holy City

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.55.28 AM
[Flickr from first trip to Charleston, May 2011]

Awoke to the horrible news out of Charleston; cried in the shower. Now watching coverage on CNN.

Charleston is a city I’ve fallen in love with since my first visit there in 2011 — a city where Linds and I now own a house, a short walk across the peninsula from the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where the shooting took place. Charleston is known as The Holy City, supposedly because it houses the greatest concentration of churches of any American city. Whether or not that’s factually true, it’s impossible to point a camera at the skyline and not include a steeple, as in the photo above from our rooftop during my first visit to the city. It is a holy place, not deserving of this.

The black community deserves better. Charleston deserves better. We deserve better.