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Das Book of Ages


A few months back, the Japanese version of The Big 40! reached these shores. Now, new for 2006, the German translation. JVG compares the two based on prose translated by Google:

The description of the German edition contains perhaps the best piece of marketing text known to man: But there are also good messages: now you can wave off again correctly! Well, it’s about time. Unfortunately for Germany, Amazon.du has this to say about the availability of 40! We do not lead or no more – book in advance now used. Japan is somewhat luckier: Dispatch possible time: Usually it dispatches within 2 days between.

I leave you with this thought, worthy of contemplation, from
“Isn’t the first customer review of this commodity written?”

Fun fact: haven’t gotten paid anything for these translations. Crown promised $400 for the Japanese translation, which leads me to believe I’ve gotta have at least $750 coming my way sometime soon. Perhaps an open-bar book party one of these nights…
· 40 Generations How We Do Not Fear! [JVG]

Book of Ages Update: The Big 40!

The Big 40!Things have quieted down at Blog of Ages, but the intrepid team of JA, JVG and yours truly has been busy behind the scenes working on the next book in the Book of Ages series, due out this October from Crown.

For the purposes of differentiation with its 30-something brethren in the marketplace, this tome¬óchronicling the landmark age of 40¬óboasts a “catchier” title. The cover has also been “juiced,” taking on a pale yellow aura, “funny” taglines, and even several exclamation points. Hinting at their excitement, Amazon has taken the unprecendented step of CAPITALIZING THE AUTHOR NAMES on the book’s order page. In light of these developments, we suggest pre-ordering now so you don’t face the disappointment of waiting for your copy this fall because everyone is backordered. Thank you.
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Guerilla Book Tour Update

Guerilla Book TourReports on the first two days of the Book of Ages 30 Guerilla Book Tour are up at (The final stop has been rescheduled for Monday in Chelsea.) Special thanks to special guests Eliot from, Jesse from, Jen from Gothamist and (oh, what could have been!) Aaron from 601am. Folks, it’s been real. Probably too real, now that I think about it. (Next up: the Virtual Book Tour!)
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Book of Ages Update

Yesterday’s Guerilla Book Tour event at the Union Square Barnes & Noble was a smashing, er, rousing, er, interesting affair. Check out JVG’s report for all the sordid details (and thanks to Eliot for the snaps). Meantime, here’s our favorite moment from yesterday’s CNNfn interview:

Caption: Steele’s earpiece comes loose as a “Caller from Texas” asks a question about whether one must give up “going to nightlife and clubs” after age 30. (Truly, MUTE was the only way to survive this one.)

Can’t get enough? More self-serving shit served up piping hot at!
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Guerilla Book Tour

Guerilla Book TourAnyone can go on a regular old book tour, but what happens when one pens a book that doesn’t lend itself to dramatic in-store readings, yet one yearns for the soothing embrace of Barnes & Noble shoppers? For the next three days, we’ll find out as the Book of Ages 30 Guerilla Book Tour takes Manhattan by storm. Stop by, say hi, watch as we’re arrested, and perhaps even take home a delightful holiday gift for you and yours. Schedule and other details accessible by following this handy link…
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Utterly Self-Serving Media Update

Big week on tap for Book of Ages 30. It kicks off midday today when JVG and I will appear on CNNfn’s The Flip Side. We’ll chat about 30-year-olds, their relationship with money, and the quiet pain of human existence. For Time Warner digital cable subscribers in downtown Manhattan, CNNfn can be found conveniently between channel 132 (Fuse, “for the true music fan”) and channel 134 (CCTV-9, “Chinese news and general programming services”).
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UPDATE: We wuz Bushwacked! []