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Welcome 2015

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Last night, the wife and I rang in the new year at Kate Lee and Zach Seward‘s wedding at Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook. I’d never been to a New Year’s wedding before, but it turned out to be a perfect way to spend a night that’s all about endings and beginnings.

The night was also a great opportunity for various friends to hassle me about the status of this blog — something that came up the night before at Tom & Jerry’s, when Harryh asked me, “How many blog posts do you think you’ll have written by the middle of 2015?” “I dunno, about 100?” I answered. Harry and Rex both cracked up. “Give us a number we can at least take seriously!”

This daily blogging thing: it’s harder than it looks. But it’s really not that hard; it just has to get done, the way so many other things also have to get done. So, on this first day of 2015, I’m diving back in. As mantras for 2015 go, I could do worse than Just Do It.

“YOU HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN FIVE DAYS!” reads the subject line of a charming email I just received from Elizabeth. Well, she’s right. Last Thursday and Friday kicked my ass at work, indicating I need to develop a daily writing routine more ironclad than “whenever I have a few minutes.” I’ll get on that. Meantime, the master plan continues apace with the glorious re-arrival of JVG back on the daily blogging scene (in theory). I also enjoyed Vox Products’ own Mike Case’s manifesto for writing in public (even if he is using Tumblr).

Back to the Blog Homepage[ homepage, September 2001]

I sat on the roof of my apartment building last week with my old friend Jonny Porkpie, talking to him about this idea I had to relaunch my personal blog. Jonny, thinking it over, didn’t encourage or discourage me. Instead, he asked, “Should I relaunch my blog too?”

Which is really the perfect reply. Back then, we’d had a ton of stupid fun linking to each other’s blog posts for no other reason than that they existed and that it amused us greatly. Who wouldn’t want back in on that?

Regardless, as I wrote on The Verge, I am bringing back this blog. My goal is to write one item a day, every weekday, more or less, starting today. Some of the posts will be about Vox Media, in the spirit of increasing the transparency into the editorial side of the company in my role as Editorial Director. But this is not primarily a promotional undertaking, because that would suck. I’ll also blog about restaurants, travel, the South Street Seaport, the great city of Charleston, the great state of Maine, ephemera, nonsense, whatever. My hope is to relearn the practice of daily blogging, which used to be the most effortless thing in the world for me but now feels terrifying.

Back then, too, Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void used to say  blogging is a great way to make things happen indirectly. In my case, the blogging I did here about my old neighborhood, the Lower East Side, somehow led to the creation of Curbed. My restaurant blogging on Below 14th unexpectedly served as a prototype for Eater.

Can blogging — Jesus fuck, blogging! — still open unseen doors? Seems highly unlikely.

Perfect. So with big thanks to Casey Gollan for getting me set up in this renovated Web Presence home, here goes again. Vital Information Alert

Activity for this web presence happens these days at the Tumblr Outpost. Drop by.

Seeking a trip down memory lane? Peruse the Archives or the Below 14th Archives.

Other means of possible interaction: @Lock on Twitter, Lock on Flickr. Also: email and AIM contact links to the right of these words are valid.

And watch this space. We’ll get Tumblr integrated over here eventually, and will be new and magical and bright.

The Fall Begins


Signs you haven’t posted to your blog in awhile: you do not recall the width for photos. (500px, for future reference. Above, final sunset of the summer from PNYC.)

Been a little sleepy around over the summer. But it’s fall now. Let’s do this.

The Way We Were


Finishing some long overdue cleanup around these parts, stumbled upon the above Webalizer traffic stats for back in the halcyon days of 2002-2003. Note the uptick starting in December 2002 coinciding with Gawker‘s launch month. (In retrospect, this is hilarious too.) That grew all the way to 55,309 pageviews in September 2003–a totally nontrivial number.

JVG comments on the redesign “innovations” of Among them: “Oppressive ‘headlines’ for posts eliminated, reducing need for ‘cleverness’ by a whopping 14%. Cutting edge c. 1995 “basic black” background.” In the good news department, he picks up the gauntlet, and vows his comic strip—on “hiatus” since the Reagan administration—will return next week. JVG, will be watching. In rage.