Monthly Archives: April 2016

Curbed, Continued


It’s been nearly two months since the Curbed relaunch. In my estimation, the site has been doing its best work ever. One example: if you missed Patrick Sisson’s deep dive into the history and culture of fire escapes and New York City: go, read, and enjoy.

The powers of a new publishing system have allowed Curbed to think even bigger. A few weeks after relaunch, the site dropped a giant package of editorial goodness called Home Sweet Home. To bring it to life, Curbed talked to 30 unique personalities across a bunch of industries to learn about where they grew up and what home means to them. I wrote a short essay for it about my years living on Rivington Street — the apartment where, as it so happens, Curbed was born. Certain parties will be pleased to learn that my famed floral print sofa does indeed makes a crucial appearance. The sofa is long gone; the nostalgia remains. (And check out the image for this post, which is also the image for the essay: it’s 110 Rivington in needlepoint.)

Also on the nostalgia front, I greatly enjoyed this reflection by Cory Schmitz on designing the new Curbed logo. (Literal lol: “When I lived in New York I was a devout Curbed reader so there is a soft spot in me for the old, extremely literal logo — representative of a lot of blog headers in the early and mid 2000s. In retrospect though the logo is somewhat silly and, now that blogs are media enterprises, rendering that logo in a broader range of applications must have been a pain in the ass.”) My thanks to Cory for crushing the new, less slightly silly, Curbed look.