Curbed, Reborn at Last

IT'S HAPPENING. The new is here.

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Saturday afternoon, I wrote a blog post! For anyone who’s checked this space in the past six months, you know that’s a surprising development. But Saturday marked the final day that Curbed would be published on Movable Type, the blog software that Eliot set up for me way back in 2004. So I wrote a post in tribute (after asking for a little help).

As of this morning, the new Curbed is live. If you haven’t seen it yet, get on that. It’s gorgeous. (I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to deal with the changing of the logo, but I might love the new one more than the old one. In any case I have lots of new logo stickers so hit me up if you want one.) And there’s a new signature Curbed feature, too: Pocket Guides, which are each Curbed city’s guide to places to visit. Think of it as an architectural version of the Eater 38. Here’s the first Pocket Guide for New York City, and here’s one detailing important houses across America that are open to the public.

All that, and now there’s Curbed Austin — our first new city site in forever. To really get in the mood, check out this amazing intro video and read Kelsey’s manifesto.