Eliot and Josh

We held the going-away party (at The Scratcher, duh) two weeks ago on the night before Josh Albertson‘s last day at Vox Media. But it isn’t until close of business today when Eliot Shepard exits the Vox office for the last time that they’ll both stride off into the sweet summer fields of not-Midtown NYC. Which is awesome for them, though sad for me.

Working with people for a decade is intense. Working that long with people you’ve basically known forever, I don’t even have the word for it, though I do have plenty of memories. In 2004, when I made a list of 50 names for a website I was starting and emailed Eliot asking for feedback and he emailed right back: “Curbed is the only good name on that list.” In 2005, when Josh became the first non-me person to blog for Curbed, before he moved to Michigan for a few years and subsequently took over, uh, the entire business side of the company. The downs of the 2008 recession, when everything we’d built teetered on the brink, and the climb out of that to the acquisition by Vox in late 2013. And everything in between. A lot of days.

I loved every minute of working with the Curbed management team (seen reunited above outside The Scratcher). Haha, of course I didn’t. Plenty of sharp disagreements, the occasional fight. But we always fought through it out the other side, and we were better for the honesty — and for dealing with it. I would have built nothing without them.

It says everything about Eliot and Josh that not only current staffers but a whole bunch of longtime alums of Curbed.com LLC came to The Scratcher to bid them farewell. Squint and you can see the tears in all our eyes. (Except Eliot. He’s just blinking weird.)

Fair winds and following seas, boys. Let’s meet back up a little further on down the line.

Curbed team past and present sending Josh and Eliot off in style tonight. Yearbook photo by @nicksolares

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