Recently at Vox Media

Hey homies, it’s been a little while since I rapped at ya, and some BIG THINGS have been going down in the halls of Vox Media. What sorts of things? Here are three.

1) We acquired Re/Code, Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg’s website of record for Silicon Valley and all things digital. The smart way that Vox Media managed the Curbed merger can be summed up as “slowly and carefully.” That’s the approach that’ll be used with Re/Code as well, as Jim explained to our team. Alyson Shontell at Business Insider wrote the best tick-tock on how and why the deal went down, if you’re into that kind of thing. New colleagues! Very exciting.

2) Check out this incredible Day-in-the-Life feature collaboration between Team Eater and Vox Product. The good people at Kachka, the scorching hot, year-old Portland, OR restaurant, gave Eater’s journalists and videographers access to every component of how they do what they do in the course of one night. Right down to the final tally of the number of vodka shots consumed in the course of the night, this is web-based visual storytelling at its best — which means storytelling at its best. Have you ever seen anything on the web that looks quite like this? I had not. Very exciting.

3) And somehow in the midst of buying a company and kicking out work like this on the regular, the team debuted the ability to embed their signature cardstacks on any website, as seen at the top of this post. As Ezra, Melissa, and Matt explained, the cardstacks are designed to look great on any device; they’re particularly great on mobile, where a simple swipe navigates from card to card. I think the cardstack format will prove particularly useful during the 2016 election and that we’ll see embeds on sites ranging from non-profits to personal blogs to, hey, McClatchy newspapers, and yes, even #brands. Once more, with emphasis: Very exciting.