Flooding The Zone

With thanks to Bryce for the nudge, let me first blog this piece about blogging that Lucky Peach published yesterday, and now blog a bit about it.

Brette Warshaw, who runs the internet operations of Lucky Peach, approached me last month wanting to talk obsession and the web. (It’s Obsession Month at LuckyPeach.com, following the publication of LP’s new issue, which has the theme of obsession.) She dropped by the Vox office a few days later and I talked for an hour, laying out a fair bit of the backstory of Eater and how obsession figured into it.

Somehow Brette managed to take my ramblings and cohere them into a piece that captures my thinking about web obsession really well while also telling a great story about Eater itself. It’s called Flooding the Zone. Please do check it out.

One more thought. Rereading the Lucky Peach interview yesterday, I was struck by my somewhat wistful tone. While I did love those early eras of Eater, and the strategy that we employed back then to win them, their passing doesn’t trouble me. The challenge of media on the web is always evolving, and as we’ve moved from the blog age into the social age, we’ve adapted our approach. Surprise: it’s still as much fun as ever. And we’re still winning. For the full accounting of how all that’s going down, check back here in 2021.