Derek Jeter

Yesterday was Derek Jeter day at Yankee Stadium. Reading the Post on the subway to work this morning, came across this paragraph from Ken Davidoff:

Nevertheless, on the Yankees’ spectrum, Sunday ranked as understated — and fitting, given the honoree’s personality. Derek Jeter Day came off as dignified and simple, with the captain himself playing an essential role in the execution.

Taking nothing away from Derek Jeter, whom I admire as much as the next non-Yankee fan and whom I’ll applaud in person likely for the final time this Thursday at Yankee Stadium as the Bombers square off against the Toronto Blue Jays, that’s hilarious. Understated! The entire Yankees team are wearing Derek Jeter patches for the rest of the season! (Credit to the New Era Caps president’s straightforward take on why: “As soon as he announced this was going to be his final season, we could see the market was hungry for it.”) For the record: retiring someone’s number and putting them on commemorative patches while they are still playing is not understated. It is hilarious, though.

The way things are trending, Jeter is likely to play his last game ever at Fenway Park on Sunday, September 28. Which means that we’ve only got three weeks left of the greatest creation to grace the web in recent history: Mark Lisanti’s weekly Captain’s Log, aka Derek Jeter’s Diary, at Grantland. It began in the spring of 2012, when everything else begins again, and it blossomed in the summer of 2013, filling the afternoon and evenings with A-Rod’s transformation into a centaur. Now, as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves us to face the fall alone.

The Diary took a brief August hiatus for reasons known only to Lisanti, but it’s back as of last week. Don’t miss this stretch drive: once more unto the breach, dear Jetes.