• http://harryh.org harryh

    Page not found – http://ny.eater.com/ny.eater.com/tags/merkato-55


    EDIT: Oh wait, it is still there! It’s just a broken link!

    • http://curbed.com Lock

      Yeah Eater NY lived at eater.curbed.com for its early years, then eater.com until 2009 when it became ny.eater.com. Eliot and team handled so many broken link issues, but can’t lick them all.

  • http://avc.com fredwilson

    you are now officially killing it on your personal blog Lock. i was wary after seeing you come out wit a bunch of travel blog posts from the summer which were great but you had them in your back pocket. but the variety, quality, and pace of the posts here are great. this is exactly what a personal blog should be.