The Retro-Futuristic Future of Eater

In the Department of Sheer Coincidence, at almost exactly the moment that I started this blog back up, Ben Leventhal published this interview with Adam Kuban, the man behind the original New York City pizza blog, Slice. This portion of the interview plays as a perfect coda to my posts from yesterday:

But it’s an interesting thing. That kind of voice and personality is exactly what made the site successful.

I think that’s what readers connected with, not only on Slice or Hamburger Today or Serious Eats. But, blogs in general. That was what people connected with. That’s why there were blogs and there was the mainstream media. As blogs became more professional, they lost some of that craziness. I miss the early days when you could just get up a post about whatever and just kind of express yourself without really thinking about page views, thinking about SEO, thinking about how it will play on Twitter, if it’s shareable on Facebook … I do miss the sense that you were making it up as you went along. Now there’s a formula to things. There’s a way to do a lifestyle blog. There’s a way to do a recipes blog. You have to have beautiful photos. You have to have giveaways.

Doesn’t that suck?

It does. It is formulaic. It all kind of blends into the same voice. “Look, we have a giveaway from Kitchen-Aid. Fun!” It’s a little sad to see what was once my baby kind of lingering there. Languishing.

Eater, as Ben notes in his intro to his interview with Adam, has undergone more change in the past six months than in its nine-year history as a result of Vox’s investment in the site and team. Which is unbelievably exciting. And yet the biggest changes haven’t yet come to light. For the past six months, the Vox Product team has also been in the trenches with Team Eater, prepping the biggest visual overhaul to the site that we’ve ever done in conjunction with Eater’s move onto Vox’s publishing platform, Chorus. The results are set to be unveiled next month. If ever this word felt appropriate: brace.

But nostalgia for the old days is palpable with Team Eater, too. Which is why I got excited when I noticed several crucial friends of Eater talking on Twitter that perhaps a gala nostalgic throwback is in order before Eater takes its great leap forward. Could we be talking new IMterviews, people? The mind boggles.

And there’ll be a giveaway from Kitchen-Aid. Fun!

  • fred wilson

    i still get up and post about whatever. it’s the best!