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I sat on the roof of my apartment building last week with my old friend Jonny Porkpie, talking to him about this idea I had to relaunch my personal blog. Jonny, thinking it over, didn’t encourage or discourage me. Instead, he asked, “Should I relaunch my blog too?”

Which is really the perfect reply. Back then, we’d had a ton of stupid fun linking to each other’s blog posts for no other reason than that they existed and that it amused us greatly. Who wouldn’t want back in on that?

Regardless, as I wrote on The Verge, I am bringing back this blog. My goal is to write one item a day, every weekday, more or less, starting today. Some of the posts will be about Vox Media, in the spirit of increasing the transparency into the editorial side of the company in my role as Editorial Director. But this is not primarily a promotional undertaking, because that would suck. I’ll also blog about restaurants, travel, the South Street Seaport, the great city of Charleston, the great state of Maine, ephemera, nonsense, whatever. My hope is to relearn the practice of daily blogging, which used to be the most effortless thing in the world for me but now feels terrifying.

Back then, too, Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void used to say  blogging is a great way to make things happen indirectly. In my case, the blogging I did here about my old neighborhood, the Lower East Side, somehow led to the creation of Curbed. My restaurant blogging on Below 14th unexpectedly served as a prototype for Eater.

Can blogging — Jesus fuck, blogging! — still open unseen doors? Seems highly unlikely.

Perfect. So with big thanks to Casey Gollan for getting me set up in this renovated Web Presence home, here goes again.

  • Emily Gould

    Holy shit, you are brave. I wouldn’t do this for love or money. Well, maybe for money.

  • Jansen

    Welcome back.

  • Nicolas Cook Leon

    Looks good. What do you think you’ll end up blogging about mostly? Tech? Personal life? Things in the world?

    Any of those would be interesting. #RSSsubscribed

  • Anthony De Rosa


    Glad you’re back, look forward to your musings.

  • jake


  • 99

    checks for updates at

  • Josh Albertson

    Amazing day.

  • Rex

    Topics I hope this site covers:

    + WordPress vs. Movable Type.

    + How to create a Media RSS feed by hand.

    + Best FTP client.

    + How to build a better community with comments.

    + Distrust of the term “blogosphere.”

    + Washingtonienne.

    + Gaming Technorati.

    + How cute Peter Rojas is.

    + How to add Amazon referral code to your links.

    + Maintaining your Blogroll.

  • Ryan Gantz

    Hi! Glad to sign your guestbook. is it true that blog is short for web log, and that you intend to offer permalink function

  • Daryl

    Welcome back, old friend.

  • Peter Molnar

    > Can blogging — Jesus fuck, blogging! — still open unseen doors? Seems highly unlikely.

    It surely can, it’s just in the need of some new tools and options. See Indie Web for example.

    ( And my own opinion on how the lack of blogs making the internet poorer, less interesting and way less personal. )

  • http://gothamgal joanne wilson

    add disqus to the blog! also add an rss feed. i want lockhart to show up in my inbox every day. want to make sure you are doing the deed.

  • Alex Balk

    I knew this was gonna be the best year ever.

  • Matt

    Install Jetpack! It will make everything better.

    Did the buried lede on the Verge post mean that you’ll be switching this from WP to Chorus soon, though?

  • Jim Bankoff

    Is this site for sale?

  • Jonathan Butler

    Remember the days when it felt like it mattered who got a post up first about a new Scarano building going up? Never felt so alive…

  • fred wilson

    “But this is not primarily a promotional undertaking, because that would suck.”

    i should use that as a tag line on my blog.

    the promotional stuff are the “native ads” that pay for everything else

  • William Mougayar (@wmougayar)

    That’s great to hear.
    I’m almost in the same boat, trying to regain a blogging regularity of sorts.

    But if you want community, why not consider Disqus for your blog?

    • Lockhart Steele

      I’d love to. Just need to figure out how lol

  • Lisa Chamberlain

    Crazy, I have been thinking the same thing too … I’m in! Bringing back Polis.

  • Carl

    Great post and welcome back to the blogging world!

    Have fun.

  • Ariel

    HA! Blogging. I am subscriber to your RSS feed now. HA! RSS FEEDS! I feel like it’s 2004 again and I’m positively giddy!

    • Ariel

      (to be clear, I am not being sarcastic)

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  • Chidera Christian

    Welcome back to the blogging world of many crazy adventures