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Above, as seen outside Sox stalwart bar Professor Thoms. My thoughts almost exactly, though I am trying to set aside a tiny part of my heart to feel happy for Daulerio if the Phillies pull it off. Clarification: a really, really tiny part. [via dear-departed EVE]

Rays fans keep it classy: “According to reports, the incident stemmed from a few fans hazing a concertgoer wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and quickly escalated into a scuffle in the middle of ‘Tie Your Shoes’ (with one fan even throwing an object onstage that hit the drummer Todd Nance).”

Roger Angell, God bless you: “Boston’s comeback is the second-best October turnabout in major-league history, topped only by an eight-run seventh inning by the Philadelphia Athletics in 1929, which won the fourth game and put the White Elephants (as the A’s were called then) on their way to a five-game championship win over the Chicago Cubs. That game and inning are well remembered by this writer (who, at nine, could scarcely handle the yard-and-a half-wide sports pages of the time)—especially an inside-the-park homer by Mule Haas.”