Monthly Archives: September 2008

Having read (and loved) Lush Life and Oscar Wao over the summer, I find this almost too good to be true. Price: “I think the Lower East Side is the Star Wars bar. Everybody thinks it’s a done deal and it’s all yuppie. Man, that thing, I mean, there’s more afterbirth than rebirth. You go half a block, and you’re in China. You’re not even in China, you’re in Fujian Province. And then you go into the projects and you’re in black-and-Hispanicsville. And then you go over here and you’re in Orthodox Jewville. And then you got the kids that, it’s like they’re in Rent but they have credit cards. So they don’t have to say, ‘Ooh, light my candle.’ They’ll go to Restoration Hardware and buy a fucking lamp.”

Wired Gadget Lab: “It’s possible that Apple is taking so long to implement copy and paste not because it is difficult, but because Apple is reinventing it. Imagine a system-wide menu added to all applications which, instead of shuffling items off to a clipboard, lists all the places you can send that file (or text string).” Suck it, Leventhal.