Monthly Archives: April 2008


From today’s NYAMBL e-newsletter: “The story of Week 7 was undoubtedly Team Curbed. The bad (and only?) boys of New York City real estate blogging handed Comedy Central 1 its first ever defeat in NYAMBL history, a stretch spanning 3 years and 33 games. Curbed’s Kyle rolled a 209 to lead the 588-547 victory, one of the highest combined scores we’ve ever seen. The Curbed wrecking ball then demolished Comedy Central 2, knocking them down a notch in the standings.” Photo evidence from last week’s glory, above. Ra.

YFSF: “Let me state this unequivocally: Not only did Pedro Martinez in 2000 post the best season by any player in Red Sox history, he posted the best pitching season ever in the history of baseball. His 1.74 ERA, stripped of all context, is still in the top 100. When considering the league-average ERA in 2000 was 5.07, the mind boggles. No hitter has ever bested the league-average OPS by 190 percent¬óno one¬ís really ever come close.” [via Mnookin]