Monthly Archives: March 2008


Verducci: “The Red Sox arranged a private workout for Ellsbury in San Diego, but rain forced them into a gym. Ellsbury saw a basketball on the floor, grabbed it and took off, leaping from near the free throw line and throwing down a vicious dunk. The scouts looked at one another in amazement. ‘This guy is probably the most athletic guy in the country,’ their report said.”

Opening Day in Review


merekatz: the cover of the NY Times today is fun
lockloct: what’s on it?
merekatz: a huge pic of fans dropping down paper and pens attached to string so they can get Okajima’s autograph
merekatz: okajima has a huge smile on his face and is waving to everyone
lockloct: awww, nice
merekatz: it’s lovely, really. I’m sure Yanks fans aren’t pleased
lockloct: i love it
merekatz: me too!

Jose Canseco: “The reason I didn’t include A-Rod in my first book is that I hated the bastard. I hated him too much. I hated him so much in fact that if I’d included him in my first book, people would have questioned my motives.”