Monthly Archives: November 2007

Bermuda Gale


Arrived early yesterday afternoon on Bermuda for Sophie and Greg’s wedding, beating the outer rings of Tropical Storm Noel by about 12 hours. This morning, the sundrenched view from my room has given way to crazy winds and light rain. The heavier bands look to be holding off until later today. Sound of the wind through the palms is deafening.

Apropos of nothing, my cab driver turned out to be a real baseball fan. “Ralph Houk,” he said. “Always fascinated by that guy. Because of his name.” Googling Ralph Houk later, came across this interview from spring training 1984. What a difference 20 years makes.

At 12 Desbrosses


Above, the view from my desk at the new Curbed office complex at 12 Desbrosses Street in North Tribeca. Among other things in this absolutely awesome neighborhood, we’re obsessed with this guy who sets up his food cart in the middle of Canal Street and markets it to the traffic. He’s among the characters in a new Flickr set chronicling all the joys of our labor on the week we announced some news.