Monthly Archives: October 2007

It Happened. Again.


This time, just three years after last time, it was the East Village, on the Bowery, in a not-so-crowded bar with the right people. Then over to Second Avenue where the rest of the right people were, for beers and toasts and hugs. A different feeling this time, one of quiet contentment. And then, suddenly, again, on a dark street at a late hour, the summer is over.

Globe: “Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo’s itinerary included catching some well-deserved Z’s in the arms of his wife, Sulky.”

Mike Timlin: “I miss that like I miss a line drive off the shin.”

Gillis (via SMS): “He got America a taco!”


It is a strange God indeed that decreed the Sox in the Series would go down at the same time as the KS Bachelor Fiesta in Vegas this past weekend. Had there been a game Friday night, we could have enjoyed it while dining in this A/V equipped private dining room at the new Strip House, seen here. The remainder of the weekend shall remain off the record.