Monthly Archives: August 2007

“I’m like okay and then Pedroia walks by, flexes and then says ‘Hey Murph check out these guns, man.’ The guy has the biceps of a six-year-old, he has no business wearing a shirt with cut-off sleeves and I’m getting blinded by the shine from the head of a college freshman that’s going bald; then he just proceeded to go out and make every play.” —Did You Hear the Story About Pedroia?

Bonus Red Soxage: Deadspin investigates the Red Sox Nation Presidency.


An end-of-summer week in Maine would not be complete—or, really, even worthwhile—without the glory that is Maine lowbush blueberries. They bruise too easily to ship, go bad in about 48 hours anyway, and can be found at farmstands here for about a month. Evidence alone to believe in a loving God.

Cartoons on the Back of (Curbed) Business Cards


I’m at Brad Inman’s Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco this week, my third year in a row at this event. Always a good time. Best part of this year’s conference, though, was the keynote this morning by GapingVoid‘s Hugh MacLeod. Hugh told me it’s the first keynote he’s done, which I find nearly impossible to believe. Memo to conference organizers: hire this man.

Above, Hugh adorns my Curbed business card in his inimitable style. The final product carries the phrase, “selling on ebay for fun and profit!” Hugh wants me to put the card on eBay to complete its transformation into a social object, but actually I’m going to be antisocial and keep it for myself.