Monthly Archives: May 2006

Liveblog the World Cup for Deadspin: We have much to learn about the sport, its supporters, its stars and, sometimes, even its rules. We freely admit this. But still … come on. It’s the World Cup. We do not understand how such an event can possibly be overcovered. It’s the World Cup. It’s Togo, people …. Togo!

Eat The Weekend


Memorial Day Weekend was many things, but perhaps most of all it was an unexpected food odyssey from Cape Cod to the East End. The rundown:

Thursday: Marshall arrives with scones an unexpectedly delicious pastry treat, followed by dinner, Oatsie1 veggie lasagna.
Friday: An unreal lobster roll from the Seafood Shanty near the Cape Cod bridge. (Moments later, we found ourselves behind Dens‘ mom’s car, Big Red. Surely a sign. Of something.) Early dinner at—oh hell yes—Al Forno, still serving unduplicated perfection, night after night. Besides the grilled pizza (of course), the baked pasta (above) was perfection.
Saturday: (Crappy junk food around Providence.)


Sunday: Awake to the first burger of the season (above) Bonus: fresh arugula salad with lemon. Dinner offered the first Nina Salad of the season at World Pie.
Monday: Brunch at New Paradise Café in Sag Harbor. Dinner, back in Manhattan, dining alone and outside at Supper as the sun set. Great weekend.

The Summer Begins


Spent last night at Shrum-a-Lot on Cape Cod with Josh, Marshall, MOP, and copious white wine. Good times. Tonight: 10-year Brown reunion.

This morning, Marshall is telling us about his new project: orienteering. “1st time — didn’t understand the rules and got disqualified. 2nd time — not just last… quite far from first.”

Well, that’s one way to spin it. NYPost: Gary Sheffield returned from the DL and went 0-for-3 with two walks and scored a run. He took violent swings against Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth and didn’t feel any discomfort with his left wrist. (That strikeout? Total sickness. As was Papelbon’s entire ninth.)