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Das Book of Ages


A few months back, the Japanese version of The Big 40! reached these shores. Now, new for 2006, the German translation. JVG compares the two based on prose translated by Google:

The description of the German edition contains perhaps the best piece of marketing text known to man: But there are also good messages: now you can wave off again correctly! Well, it’s about time. Unfortunately for Germany, Amazon.du has this to say about the availability of 40! We do not lead or no more – book in advance now used. Japan is somewhat luckier: Dispatch possible time: Usually it dispatches within 2 days between.

I leave you with this thought, worthy of contemplation, from
“Isn’t the first customer review of this commodity written?”

Fun fact: haven’t gotten paid anything for these translations. Crown promised $400 for the Japanese translation, which leads me to believe I’ve gotta have at least $750 coming my way sometime soon. Perhaps an open-bar book party one of these nights…
· 40 Generations How We Do Not Fear! [JVG]

Greetings from Vegas. Late afternoon light across the pyramid that is the Luxor (we’re in the “new tower”) warms the room. I’m playing around with Odeo, the podcast tool, and uploaded one of my favorite MP3s. (Hint: original airdate 10/21/04.)