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Notes from 12/20/05

Red Sox hot stove heats up! And so does Blubox!

Reading the Globe home on Christmas holiday. Boston media apocalyptic about Johnny Damon. No Sox fan I know shares the same opinion. Got the news in a taxi around 11pm Tuesday night when Schwartz called. My delight that the Yanks went 4/52 might have surprised him. The taxi’s next stop—after dropping my fellow passenger off at the offices of Stuff magazine—was B.B. King’s for the 12/31/95 Phish live album release party. But we’re getting ahead of our story

(This post dedicated to those who continue to ask for more Red Sox coverage on this blog.)

New Gawker site launched today: The Consumerist. Joel’s such a good blogger that we’d more or less trusted he’d get the site right without endless pre-launch test posting, so today’s the first time I’ve read 12 Consumerist items in one go. Totally loving it.
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