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Oddjack Launches

oddjackdragon.jpgA new Gawker site just went live: Oddjack, our unlucky thirteenth. We’ve covered a range of other vices, from gossip to porn. And our legal department is understretched by libel and obscenity suits. It’s time for gambling.

One day, everything will be a wager, from a hand of poker to the likelihood you’ll be struck down by a bioterror attack before the next brain backup. One day. For now, there’s Oddjack. It’s a sneak peek at the future of gambling.

Oddjack is overseen by A.J. Daulerio, who has written for publications like Vice and Maxim UK, but is best-known in web media circles as one of the founders of webzine The Black Table. Oddjack’s design is by Patric King, with coding by Su.

Oh, and the Oddjack dragon? A.J. has named him Blop-o-nartus. Do say hello.
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