Monthly Archives: May 2005

Shift Change

A bit of Gawker Media business: Choire Sicha is indeed moving along to greener pastures—a real job at the NYObserver. Sad sad sad news for us, great news for him. So what does that means for Sploid? Ken Layne climbs another rung to the top, with plans to add another crazed editor to his team. Stay tuned; the results should amuse.

Also, on a note of personal privilege: the magazine is called Hamptons Houses and Hounds. Like, duh.
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Wither the LES Blog Scene?

Tragic news for the Lower East Side blog scene as of late. First, Ian and Cintra report that is flying south to a new home. Then Tale of Two Cities‘ Joey packs his bags for the Upper East Village.

Wither the Lower East Side blog scene? It’s almost enough to make one take blog in hand and opine about Schiller’s again. On that note, thank God for Youngma and its incisive McNally-related coverage.
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