Monthly Archives: December 2004

In a liquor store in Massachusetts last night, the gruff old guy behind the counter chats with a gruff older customer:

“So, they traded Roberts.”
“I liked him. Good fourth outfielder. This Payton kid is supposed to be good. Fast.”
“Yeah. Now we need another pitcher. Yanks got Johnson.”
“I like this kid Clement. No need to panic. We won the World Series.”

Good to be back in Red Sox Nation.

Bill Simmons: “On Monday afternoon, the Sports Gal and I went to lunch at Doughboys on 3rd Street.” Mmmm, Doughboys. (Update: L.A. correspondent Palmermix IMs, “doughboys has gone downhill since toast opened up a block down.”)

For the record, the House & Home section of the Times has caught the blogger wave, setting me loose on its pages twice now. In early November, I wrote about good design at the Co-Op Village on the Lower East Side. Last week, I did a piece about about Internet message boards dedicated to particular apartment buildings¬ólike the one for the Co-Op Village on the Lower East Side. How I will tie the Co-Op Village into my next story remains to be seen, but it is in such challenges that journalistic greatness is forged.