Monthly Archives: August 2004


This has been my favorite August ever. A series of amazing weekends (and weeknights!) with amazing friends, new and old. To top it off, in an hour I fly to New Orleans for Josh‘s bachelor party. Then it’s back to Maine for a week of relaxation, so things will remain quiet around this space. Back after Labor Day. Until then, some images from the month that was…
Weekend of 8/1: Astride Nantucket Harbor.
Weekend of 8/7: On Grain de Sel off Shelter Island.
Weekend of 8/14: Coventry, Vermont, for the final Phish shows. Many stories from this weekend to be told. A teaser: that’s our tour bus, parked amid corn and goldenrod, with the stage looming in the distance to the right. Some say craziest weekend ever.
Weekend of 8/21: Prouts Neck, Maine in the fog.
Weekend of 8/21: Prouts Neck by sunset.
What was it about Maine this month? Congratulations and love to Mike and Anna, and to Eliot and KDunk, both of whom went and got all engaged in the Way Life Should Be. Happy times. Love love love, and we’ll catch y’all on the flip side.

Developing: Phish Terror Threat!!!

We’re getting ready to head to the final weekend of Phish this Friday, so we’re perusing the Caledonian Record, which is of course the newspaper of record for the empty parts of far northern Vermont. When what to our wondering eyes should appear but this:

Tight Security Set For Phish Festival
COVENTRY VERMONT ¬ó¬†Although no threats have been received regarding a possible terrorist attack at the upcoming Phish festival, law enforcement is viewing the venue as a “soft target.”
Homeland Security, he said, will be involved regarding possible terrorist attacks. The agency will cast a wide net from Newport to White River Junction.
“It’s an attempt to deter any terrorist attacks,” Robillard said. “It is a soft target. There are known terrorist cells in Montreal.”

Of course there are. And what better way to win the support of a grateful nation than taking out a few thousand hippies? Remind us to wear our dress grays for the occasion.
· Tight Security Set For Phish Festival [Caledonian Record]