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“Why would you place the widget on your site? I do not know. But perhaps you do.” Eliot has done it again. What it is, we’re not exactly sure. But go ahead and click the Widget anyway. Then click a photo that intrigues you. If no photo intrigues you, then you are without soul, and you should not play with the Widget any more.

New Times Headquarters: Imminent Divinity in Queens

2004_04_timeshq.jpgThings are getting a wee bit trippy in Bill Keller land. In a parking lot in Queens, the Times apparently has constructed a 4,300 square foot mockup of its new Renzo Piano-designed office tower slated for Hell’s Kitchen. The purpose: to test the glass curtain wall that “promises to bathe notoriously cranky reporters and editors in natural light,” with the goal of creating a “transparent stage show for its Midtown neighbors.” (Memo to future self: This we gotta see.) Regarding the Queens parking lot test, Metropolis magazine reports:

“In order to measure all sun angles, the lighting experiment began on December 21 (the shortest day of the year) and will end on June 21 (the longest). “Solstice to solstice,” Thurm says. “Sounds very pagan

For those that see little apparent connection between the Times and Earth’s original polytheistic religion, we direct your attention to the Pagan Education Network, where fun can be had by substituting “Times readers” for “Pagans:”

While the largest segment of the Pagan population is Caucasian, highly educated, and middle class, Pagans come from all walks of life. Most are avid readers with interests in ecology, creativity, and personal growth. Many work in scientific and computer- related disciplines. Since Paganism is not an organized movement, it is difficult to determine the number of practitioners. Estimates range from 100,000 to several million in the U.S. alone.

Dude! Now if only someone would compile, I dunno, maybe like a guide to New York City’s trees, we’d be all set!
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Starbucks Update: The List Dwindles

Can we milk another day out of Starbucks-to-the-far-East-Village-mania? Why the hell not! Correspondent MD emails:

We can cross the space at 6th Street and Avenue B off of the list of possible Starbucks locations. I live just around the corner and spent an inordinate amount of time at this space when it was La Gould Finch, so I have been waiting to find out what the new incarnation would be with a mix of excitement and dread. I spoke to a guy in there the other day who I believe is one of the new owners. He said it will be an Egyptian
restaurant with a hookah bar
. He was quite pleasant and was very excited
about it. And perhaps since it is a hookah bar we will be able to smoke
as well…

Unless, of course, she’s being given the run-around, too… Meantime, never ones to shy away from a controversy, the New York Times arrives at the corner of B and 6th today with a report on city employees parking in the public school’s playground area. As onetime residents of the 5th-between-B-and-C cul de sac, we are outraged about this. We demand that the city find a solution— just as soon as they find Starbucks a cozy home.

· Alternate Side of Reality Parking Rules [NYTimes]

Starbucks Update: Rumblings and Grumblings

It’s obvious we’re not going to get much done around here today with all this Starbucks buzz in the air. AS emails:

you know…there is an empty storefront on the corner of 13th and B….it’s big enough to house a starbucks…..

But the location getting more attention from alert readers is down the block:

RK: YES, I have heard the rumors too and I know exactly where it is going in.  I heard at the block association meeting for our neighborhood that it will be in the newly remodeled space at 6th street and Ave B. Could it be??? I know that at least the Starbucks people were considering the spot.  One of the nosy neighbors was poking around and was told straight out not to talk to any more of the possible tenants.

MC: ***The corner of 6th and B *** where they are building the HUGE corner thing with a restaurant license that is covered in glass windows and looks like a bank?

To the questionably well-intentioned folks who want to “divert their
business” by serving non-starbucks coffee outside: Do you actually
spend any time in the area? Because there is a lovely new neighborhood cafe
called Drink Me on 6th between B and C (about five feet away) that
serves perfectly good non-starbucks coffee and great soup. Furthermore, the
Cafe Formerly Known as Higher Grounds on 9th and C, also a stone’s toss away, serves what is possibly the best espresso in lower manhattan. The hope is that the new addition doesn’t divert *their* business. We can hope,
can’t we?

We’d throw our weight behind the 6th and B rumors if, just last week, we hadn’t poked our head into the newly renovated space—which previously housed creole dive restaurant La Gould Finch—and asked what was going on. “Middle Eastern restaurant. Opening in three weeks,” we were told. Hmmm… Is there an elaborate corporate cover-up going on in the depths of Alphabet City? Hell, probably not, but keep the unsubstantiated rumors coming!

Avenue B Starbucks Update: Cruel Hoax?

Trevor of NYCArtCollective emails regarding the rumored Avenue B Starbucks:

Where or where would it even be located? The craiglist post says near Houston but there are no store fronts available that I can think of below 10th… except for the front of 2nd st/ave b, but that’s been boarded up for years with no recent activity. This all sounds like a hoax no?

Hmmm. It’s hard to even conceive of the possibility that a rambling, paranoid Craigslist post could be inaccurate, but we’ll take it under advisement. Any Avenue B civilians got the scoop? Our even more paranoid thought: could they have meant Clinton Street? (Oh, and confidential to those requesting help with an anti-Starbucks Googlebomb: we like Starbucks. There, we said it. Okay, back to our latte.)

BREAKING: Starbucks on Avenue B?

Man, the Avenue B activists just can’t catch a break. Props to Ebway, who discover evidence, in the dark underbelly of Craigslist, of the first east-of-1st-Ave/Below 14th Starbucks that’s apparently set to move in on Lower Avenue B. (Anyone know the location?) Alors, fear not: once again, them activists have got themselves an adorable little plan to halt the corporate beast right in its tracks:

as some of you may know, a Starbucks will soon be opening up in the Lower East Side on Avenue B near Houston. This seems to be symbolic of the many recent developments which simply do not belong in the community. To fight against this corporate infiltration, we intend to serve free anti-starbucks coffee in front of the store for as long as necessary, in order to divert their business and hopefully convince them to move to a more welcoming location. We are looking for coffee donations, preferably a somewhat large quantity, to be used for this cause.

N.B. Free trade coffee only, people! Please! (As related browsing, we recommend Starbucks Everywhere, a photo guide to every Starbucks in NYC—and beyond—that must have cost the author his/her sanity, significant other, and belief in a beneficent higher power.)
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LES Event Update: Literate This

Though the events policy of this Web Presence is generally “No, thanks,” we do make the occasional exception. Our sources inform us that the May 12 edition of Amanda Stern’s Happy Ending Reading Series (at Broome Street’s Happy Ending) will be a tag-team affair including Panio Gianopoulos reading with Ms. Molly Ringwald. (Matthew Derby, author of the quite enjoyable Superflat Times, will read with Shelley Jackson. And there’s a surprise music guest promised, too.) And hell, as long as we’re plugging LES readings, we’re honor bound to remind all comers that tonight is a Ritalin night at Pianos.
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Gentrification Update: “I, on the other hand, am flipping out”

We almost overlooked this insane rant about gentrification on the Lower East Side by correspondent Dara Lehon:

Take the Lower East Side’s “rediscovery,” for example: at first, E. Houston’s red-brick art-deco clocktower “quad” full of young people astounded. The impending Blockbuster Video, Kinko’s, and then Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins stripmall? Less surprising. Then my bargain nail salon changed clientele. Hipsters and wannabes began blabbing about Katz’s and Yonah Schimmel’s—blogging away about new hangouts and old standbys. Now there’s a Pomme Pomme and Turkish Deli to supplement knishes, boutiques in old wholesale underwear shops, not to mention tons of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Ah, gentrification. We’re getting all choked up just thinking about it. Here’s hoping Ms. Lehon makes the acquaintance of our new pal at The Road Less Traveled, so that together, they can keep it real.
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