Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here

As it is for most who work in midtown, lunchtime means a trek to one of several uninspiring food sellers. If it’s Thursday, it must be Cosi. Our local outpost of this bread-purveyor is notable for the inspired somnolence of the staff; it’s possible that these people know how to form words, but we’ve never independently confirmed it. Hence our surprise when, waiting in line to pay, we overhear a large, boistrous man behind the counter. “Where are the napkins? Why don’t we put the napkins out?” he inquires to a fellow staffer. “It’s crazy, isn’t it? You’d think napkins were really valuable around here the way we guard them! We gotta put some napkins out!!” As we hand over card for a stamp, he’s still on a roll. “Your card is full! Free sandwich for you tomorrow!” And then: “Here you go! Napkins!”