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Party The Spyware Way!

Just as insidious spyware program Cydoor installs itself on PCs without users’ permission, we’re passing along this invite to a party they’re co-hosting here in NYC next week without their permission. Go ahead and RSVP! Make them uninstall you!
· The Official Ad:Tech Party! “The theme of this year’s party will be a toast to the success of the online advertising industry.”
· RSVP Here Immediately! []
· Privacy Power: Why Cydoor Sucks []

Schillers: Day 2

As of 8:42am this morning, the doors of Schiller’s are still open, the neon is lit, schoolkids from across the street are inside sipping pernod, and breakfast is being served. God save the Queen!
UPDATE: Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Committed Patrons of the Cause:
· Ian: “I for one will be wearing a Save the Martini t-shirt until this is resolved.” []
· Liz: “The hipsters annoy me, too—tearing through town with their infernal electroclash music, and leaving in their wake a devastating trail of legwarmers, ironic t-shirts and upper-middle-class guilt. But I have to side with LES blogger Lockhart Steele on this one.” [The Kicker]
· The SLNY Guy: “another carafe of the cheap please.” [She Loves NY]

Schillers: Battle Lines Being Drawn

When we brunched there Saturday morn, we never imagined that Schiller’s could be a Liquor Bar no more. Yet that’s the rub from Community Board 3, which has requested that Keith McNally‘s boistrous boîte lose its full liquor license. Reputed crimes against the neighborhood, according to an article in today’s Times, include:

· Illegally close proximity to high school across street;
· Large neon LIQUOR BAR sign is “annoying”;
· Employees from Schiller’s use hose to wash bar mats and trash cans on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant at 4am, creating “a din”;
· “General resentment” that new bars and restaurants in neighborhood are turning a “residential area” into an “entertainment bazaar.”

Hrhm… tough to argue with those. (Clearly, some people just don’t get it.) Anyhula, the upshot: Schiller’s may have its liquor license downgraded to beer and wine only. McNally’s take:
· “I don’t think I’ve done anything illegal“;
· “I’d have to close the place.”

Given that McNally is reputed by this very website to have spent $2.5 million on the Schiller’s renovation, we’re doubtful Keith would slam the doors on his baby. But make no mistake: the battle lines are drawn, and the shock troops of gentrification had best make their way to the Good Ol’ LES for a high-level meeting to plot the defense of this crucial outpost. Details TK. (Donuts from Schiller’s will be served.)
· Bar’s Popularity is Lost on Community Board []
· Schiller’s Liquor Bar []

Friday Surfing

· A Friendex. Lindsay examines her 106 Friendsters for patterns: “Number of times I’ve re-read my testimonials while in a down mood: at least 3. Number of times I’ve been De-Friendstered: 2. Number of times I’ve been Re-Friendstered: 1.” []
· Burn, Baby, Burn. A dramatic photo of this week’s Essex Street fire. [ via ebway]
· Befure and Afther. JVG offers an inside peek at the book design process, focusing on the evolution of a single spread in Book of Ages 30. []
· Everything’s Not Lost. Our boy Blubox is still working through the Grady Little debacle. Bless his heart. []

Double Agent Launches

Mentioned in this space back in May, “Daily Candy for Dudes” knockoff Double Agent has launched. Here’s the pitch from an email sent to list subscribers (accompanied, natch, by a photograph of a sultry lass):

My name is Nonna and I’m a spy. I work for a secret organization called Double Agent. Our mission? To uncover what you need to know about what girls really think and want.

Each week an agent will send you a classified briefing containing intelligence on topics like:

1. Picking up girls on Friendster.

Gentle readers, we stopped reading there.
UPDATE: SD emails: “Double Agent Jesse is really my friend C. from high school (and Ave. A). I can’t believe they lied about her name. You can’t even trust the Web!”
· Double Agent []
· Double Agent Videos []
· Daily Candy for Dudes []

Meditations on Web Book Promotion

We’d like to take a moment out of your busy day to alert you that the JA/JVG/LS publishing venture Book of Ages 30 (“literature with a lower case L,” in the words of our esteemed agent) is as of today available for purchase.

In conjunction with the “eagerly anticipated” (—Gothamist) volume, we just launched an accompanying website that includes a 30-centric weblog. Do check it out. And, in the immortal words of Aaron Bailey at 601am, “[G]o buy it right now. Now!” (Also: thanks to Matt Gross for making us sound much brighter than we are in a New York Magazine Q&A this week.)

Shilling aside, it will be interesting (well, interesting to me) to see whether weblogs can help promote sales of a book. Talking to our publicist at Random House last night, she confirmed something we posted about a few weeks ago: that only the biggest authors get budgets from publishers to create websites—and even then, they’re usually created in-house. That isn’t exactly a formula for fresh thinking.

One brilliant weblog book-promotion venture is Kevin Smokler’s Virtual Book Tour, which sends authors from weblog to weblog to chat, post, or just hang out. (Currently, Dennis Hensley is virtually touring in support of his book, Screening Party.) How will we tell if the Book of Ages website is having any impact? Well, there’s the excellent All Consuming, which tracks what books webloggers are talking about, and OnFocus’s Weblog Bookwatch, which inspired it. And of course, in the end, it all comes down to Amazon sales rank. We’ll keep you posted.
· Book of Ages 30 []
· Virtual Book Tour []
· All Consuming []
· Weblog Bookwatch []

Moby’s Big Move?

7 Essex StreetWord from a seemingly reputable tipster is that Lower East Side citizen of the decade Moby is packing up his mixers and moving a few blocks to the new luxury development at 7 Essex Street (@ Canal). Apparently, Moby sprung for one of the penthouse triplexes in the building, which the 7 Essex website says carry an asking price of $2,395,000. The bigger question: is the 11-story building the right fit for someone of Moby’s ilk? Pluses: the open loft space is delivered as a “white box” for the tenant to customize, and the lobby looks as tripped out as Berlin’s newest boite. But the development’s website doesn’t point out that the “spectacular park and skyline views” across the “newly renovated” Seward Park give way to a maze of ugly public works highrises. Not exactly what you’d call a million-dollar view.
· 7 Essex Street []
· Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects []
· Moby’s Journal [] entry from yesterday: “well, although i assume that there are probably a few brothels on canal street by the manhattan bridge, i’ve never actually been to one and i imagine that were i to find one with my telescope the curtains would be drawn which would, of course, defeat the purpose of trying to look at a brothel through a telescope.”