Friday Afternoon Linkage

· On the same day Eliot posts his 1000th photo, the Sox go 2.5 up in the Wild Card. Coincidence? []
· Also on the baseball beat: “Dude, I was TOTALLY on Sports Center this weekend!  They showed clips from the doubleheader and if you, like, look close you could see me look over my shoulder at Derek.” []
· Apparently they mint ‘em all alike at Tulane law school. “And if his wedding was on the date of a key trial, ‘the wedding would be postponed. If the wife to be did not like it, I would inform her that work comes before EVERYTHING ELSE and that if she does not like this, she is free to find a competing husband.’” []
· Also smoking: giant Eldridge Street pot farm found behind moving bookcase [NYPost via the nightlife divas at gothamist]