Links for Your Surfing Entertainment

· Blubox. Longtime confidante MBS—dreamer, lover, NYC nightlife gallivant and screenplay competition success story—has returned to the keyboard to breathe life into his nascent, highly promising weblog Blubox. Discussed: John Leguizamo, Rocco Dispirito, Rickey Henderson, Corner Bistro, Ang Lee, Daily Candy, more. Do stop in. []
· Snarkwatch. As long as we’re going all Believer on you, an email from the McSweeneys folks alerts us to Snarkwatch. Stated goal: “A place to record enthusiasms, mystifications, as well as disgruntled reactions to ‘critical activity.’” Paging Ms. Spiers… []
· Get Alife. Update on the sneaker looting story: hip sneaker boutique Alife is suing ConEd for $2.5 million “for failing to enact ‘contingency plans’ to protect customers.” Uh, yeah. Let’s make this baby a class action. [yahoo news]
· Club Blog. No, not the name of a new downtown establishment (though that’s probably an inevitability). Anil alerts us to a new NYC nightlife blog, (Looks like ass on our Mac, but maybe you’ll have better luck.) []
· Extreme Houses. Lost in the chaos last Friday was this rather amusing Times story about unsellable white elephant residences in the Hamptons. Packed liberally with quotes from my boss, including: “It’s been my fate to live in this house.” []
· Blackout Drama. Finally, the obligatory blackout link: some nice snaps at TeenDrama of the Ludlow street party last Thursday night. []
· BLACKOUT UPDATE: Some even better Ludlow party snaps from TeenDrama partner-in-crime Dynatrite. []