· Grand Tour. An article in the Forward (workplace of Friend of This Space and notable new blogger Ami Eden) tips us off to The idea: call an 800 number from your cellphone, key in a code, and hear historical commentary about particular places in your neighborhood. The service launches later this month with a Tour of the Lower East Side narrated by Jerry Stiller: “This cell phone walking tour will take you into a world of tenements and sweatshops, radicals and capitalists, artists and gangsters — and make the history around you come alive.” (We smell brand extension here…) []
· Big Ups. Food & Wine names WD-50 one of the year’s 10 best openings—in the world. And somewhere, Wylie Dufresne is flattening another oyster… [ via nyceats]
· Just Here to Help! Speaking of our boy Wylie, he’s now on Friendster. (Favorite Music: “The riveting moans of young women as my creations touch their lips, the gentle hum of my blender, the sweet ring of the cash register, and also Manu Chao “) []
· He’s got an in at Razor. “I’m looking for ‘scouts’ who can provide HIGHLY COMPELLING story ideas I can pitch to leading magazines,” reads this bizarro world Craigslist post. [craigslist via romenesko]