Linkage in a Chain

Catching up after a busy week…
· Blogger Gurls. Nice NYPress write-up about the increasing influence of NYC music bloggers The Modern Age, Melody Nelson and Jenyk: “”They’re extremely important, and they’re also brutally honest. That’s really the thing. No one’s paying them to like anything. There’s no agenda.” []
· When City Planning Attacks. Felix Salmon attends the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. hearing about how federal WTC monies could be used to help the LES. “The protest on the Lower East Side wasn’t as out of control as the one in Chinatown, where windows got smashed, but it was certainly loud and disruptive… If I were the HUD, I would consider the shouting and the demonstrations in the Lower East Side and Chinatown to be evidence—if any were needed—that the impact of September 11 is a bit like gravity, decreasing with the square of the distance from the center point.” []
· It said “Just like heaven.”
Another compelling Friendster conversation. [ via megnut]
· Sold Out. Congrats, JVG, on Buddy selling out its entire run. Now, let’s hope the show doesn’t suck! []