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First, Gawker got an intern. Now, Josh Marshall is searching for an intern for TPM. Hmmmm. Potential requirements for intern:
1) Must enjoy first-name familiarity with downtown chefs
2) Must specify premium vodka when ordering vodka-based drinks at bars
3) Strange prediliction for plywood Clinton Street
4) No freaks
· TPM Is Looking for an Intern []

Deadline Day

The countdown is on to baseball’s trade deadline at 4pm today. We love the job our boy Theo is doing up at Fenway, but you have to appreciate Billy Beane—who everyone figured would become persona non grata to other baseball GM’s after his portrayal as Das ÜberGM in Michael Lewis’ Moneyball [which is, by the way, even better than you've heard]—pulling off another monster deal for the A’s yesterday. He’s probably not done.

Beane had been discussing a deal to land Cincinnati’s top reliever, Scott Williamson. Instead, Williamson went to the Boston Red Sox, whose GM, Theo Epstein, called Beane to gloat about it afterward.

“It kind of gets me jealous,” Beane said.

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Pitch: New LES Juice Bar

Our fifth and final pitch today comes from Kevin Gregor, the man behind the terrifico Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop (Rivington @ Essex/Norfolk). Kevin, perhaps the one soul as obsessed as we are with the Surface Hotel, also knows the way straight to our heart:

I finally dug up one pic that shows the Surface Hotel lot, pre-construction. only problem is its at night… and only half the lot. but still, thought you may enjoy… I also included a few other pics of places that are changing, or opening in the hood… The last pic [below] is actually of my new spot on Stanton and Orchard… truly worthy of the name “tinys” :-)… it’s going to be a juice bar/coffee shop… and if I can do it (lots of space constraints) I’m going to try and make sandwiches/salads as well.

That’s right, folks. Kevin sent us pictures—of plywood.

Pitch Scorecard:
· GOOD: Emailed us plywood photos!!
· GOOD: Included bonus Surface Hotel photo!!!
· GOOD: Makes a mean sandwich!!!!

Pitch: Subzero Spy ID Bracelet

Our fourth pitch comes from former NYT/EW/Citysearch scribe Karen Hudes, who writes:

I’m leaving [Citysearch] to start an MFA program, and building a bracelet biz:

Tell me what word and color you’d like and I’ll send one over (there’s red,
blue, green, orange, pink, lavender, black and white). Get one before
they’re on Hintmag!

Flummoxed by the offer of free jewelry, we didn’t take her seriously. Then about a week ago, what shows up in our U.S. postal mailbox but…

Pitch Scorecard:
· BAD: We don’t wear bracelets
· BAD: We don’t really wear jewelry at all
· GOOD: Who the hell cares? She sent us this wild-ass bracelet for free! We were so overjoyed, we’ll extend her pitch ourselves to note that bracelets in the ID of your choosing are available at West Village jewelry shop Fassbinder (39 8th Ave.) or via her website.

Pitch: LES Record Label

Our third pitch comes to us by way of instant messenger…

shiramww: hi
shiramww: I’m an avid reader of your site (and former Lower East Sider)
lockloct: hiya
lockloct: thanks
shiramww: I lived on Grand and Lewis for over 2 years
shiramww: and love that neighborhood
shiramww: my family has been living there since before the 1900′s…
shiramww: anyway – I thought you might be interested in an up-and-coming LESer who just launched his own record label and released his first album…
shiramww: his name is Zeke (Ezekiel Honig) and the name of his label is anticipate recordings
shiramww: he is a born and bred Lower East Sider
shiramww: and he works part-time at Breakbeat Science
lockloct: nice!
shiramww: yeah
lockloct: does he have a website?
shiramww: absolutely!

Pitch Scorecard:
· GOOD: Olde Tyme-LES connection
· GOOD: Friendly banter
· GOOD: “Zeke”
· BAD: Music-related content; this site ain’t Palmermix

Pitch: New LES Yoga Studio

Our second pitch of the day…

Hi! My girlfriend sent me your website info and said I should tell you about our new Yoga studio. We just opened KIWI Studio at 121 Essex Street, 2nd floor (above the Whiskey Ward) between Delancey and Rivington. We’re a very straightforward studio, very simple in design, and just opened Monday, July 14th. We would also love to invite you for a free class. Just check out our website (still under construction) at Find a class you would be interested in visiting and I will write you in! Or, I’ll buy you a beer at Welcome to the Johnsons as my business partner and best friend is also one of the two owners. Hmmm, Yoga or Beer! Your choice!

Pitch Scorecard:
· GOOD: Chipper, upbeat tone! We like!
· GOOD: Cool website
· GOOD: Fresh concept in over-barred area; another place for Pianos cast-offs to gather
· GOOD: Invite for free class or beer. However, site policies forbid us from taking bribes, so we’d like to offer the free class (pending Kiwi’s agreement) to the first reader who drops us a line with the subject header “Yoga” (Must be LES resident to qualify. Friends of may be passed over at the site owner’s discretion.)

Pitch: New LES Comedy Club

Here’s the first pitch…

I very much enjoyed your Below 14th column and as another neighborhood resident and soon-to-be proprietor, agreed with your take on many of the venues. Just wanted to add our new locale to your list to monitor. We will be opening Laugh Lounge nyc Comedy Club at 151 Essex between Stanton & Rivington in September. Laugh Lounge nyc will be a bi-level bar/lounge waiting area on the ground floor and 130-person seating capacity performance space downstairs. The club is being founded by the former
manager and booking agent from The Gotham Comedy Club and will feature New
York’s top performers at shows 6-nights a week.

Pitch Scorecard:
· GOOD: Short and to-the-point, no press release attached
· GOOD: Gratuitous praise for this website (flattery will get you everywhere)
· GOOD: Fresh concept in over-barred area; another place for Pianos cast-offs to gather
· BAD: Name. Attempt to say to friends with straight face, “Let’s meet at the Laugh Lounge”
· BAD: No offer for free opening night tickets for Below 14th readers


Matt Haughey recently wrote, rather prophetically: “First they came for the email, and I did nothing. Then they ruined the search engines, and I ignored it. Then they came for the blogs and there was no one left to stop them.” And yes, they’re coming to downtown New York, too—but with a difference. All today on, recent PR pitches to this website, with a local twist. Grades will be assigned. Please, sharpen your pencils… and remember, good trees died for these press releases…
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Seeks Loving Home

Pisstacular! Bubby’s Pie Co. in Tribeca is orphaning their landmark giant urinal. “They’re
looking hard for a loving home,” says our tipster, Dave from PoopReport. He suggests that perhaps the urinal would be a good fit with a new LES restaurant. Keith, baby, you listening? (Hey, we’re sorry about that whole Schneider’s thing, OK?) Besides, this stained beauty looks like it’d be a perfect fit with vintage subway tile.
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