Oh Goodie

As we gear up for another wet weekend in the Hamptons, let’s reflect on the treat that makes any otherwise worthless weekend worthwhile: the Goodie Bag. According to the New York Social Diary, journalists-cum-entrepreneurs Debra Scott and Jane Ubell-Meyer (creators of Buzz Bags) have a standard for the GOOD and the BAD Goodie bag [caps theirs]:

Bad Goodie bags “you give to your doorman or cleaning lady.”
Great Goodie bags “have something you actually want.”

Bad ones “contain last season’s product overruns.”
Good ones “make you time your exit from a gala perfectly in order to get one.”

Bad ones “look like 3-D Val-paks.”
Good ones “are hidden by event staff under tablecloths.”

Bad ones “elicit such comments as ‘what were they thinking?’”
Good ones “are worth more than a dinner for two at Alain Ducasse.”

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