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God bless the New York Times for its incisive piece on online dating yesterday. The paper proclaims, in a front page headline no less, that the act “sheds its stigma as” Then the Times goes ahead and illustrates the story with a photo of a couple that, to be charitable, probably weren’t getting picked first for the co-ed volleyball team. The twosome “met each other through the online dating service provided by” That sound you hear? Rufus Griscom throwing up in his mouth.
· Online Dating Sheds its Stigma as []

Reader Mail

We’ve returned, oh yes, we’ve returned. Waiting for us in our inbox—along with 400 virus emails (no, we will not see the attached zip file for details)—is some genuine reader mail that cries out for a response. From reader JH:

RE: Surface Hotel

Have you been up in it?

Do you have a summary of what’s going on there?

Sorry, no idea.

Cub Reporter Finds God in Details

In the wake of Jayson Blair, we’re glad to see today’s cub reporters (“This is a weblog about my work as an intern at the New York Daily News and my life in New York”) getting their facts right:

I walked around the neighborhood a little bit to see what I have here. Most of the residents here are African Americans. People say that Harlem, especially East Harlem, is dangerous. International House is at the west side, and since it is near the Columbia University, it is much better.

Okay, he’s a photo intern. Still, does anyone smell trouble here? “My assignment today is to take some shots of a guy who won the Red Cross volunteer award at the American Red Cross. It didn’t take me too long, since the reporter changed his time to the afternoon and I just did the job on my own.”
· My New York Daily News Internship [ via dave]

What it Means to Be From Maine

As proponents of the great state of Maine, we find the news that “most of the sources for Poland Spring are either surrounded by asphalt parking lots or potentially dangerous contamination” deeply troubling. We’re sure the company will be cleared of these malicious charges. As Poland Spring spokeswoman Jane Lazgin points out, “Poland Spring is exactly what we say it is—natural spring water—and there are many criteria for that.”
· Nestle Sued Over Bottled Water Claims [yahoo news via FC]