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Another Reality

JVG steps up his coverage of the LES with a letter from the founder of Surf Reality, a local theater that’s going under.

All I can say is times have changed. When I first moved here 10 years ago, the basement here at 172 Allen St. was a brothel. Hookers trolled the corner, the traffic islands and the side streets. Where Bluestockings Books now resides was a “crack deli”. The building was also home to a pawnshop with dubious ethics.

Hope Springs Eternal

We’re all young again on Opening Day, as we say a little prayer for our Red Sox and prepare for the first pitch at 5:15 this afternoon. We’re ponying up for Extra Innings on digital cable ($139 for the season for a whole boatload of games) and checking out the Diamond Mind 2003 projections over coffee. The Diamond Mind folks simulate 50 seasons with their hyper-realistic baseball game, this year projecting the Sox with 101 wins. That’s a massive number… though the Yanks net 104. But we have no fear. It is opening day, and anything is possible.
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When the Rooster Crows at the Break of Dawn Update

Quiet weekend for us after a big Spring Cleaning last week. (N.B. Final event took place in the Cloisters. Take that!) But all has not been quiet around the Lower East Side. Neighbor Margit reports:

We found a rooster outside our door last night! We actually took him in for a night before taking him to a shelter. You mean you didn’t hear the crowing at 5:30am?! I’ve never heard anything so earth-shattering in my life.

We now return you to regularly scheduled, uh, war.

Battle Lines

Shit, I was warned about this. (JVG will really hate the giant report, with photos, from the 19th floor of the Surface Hotel, coming soon to this space.) Nonetheless, in a show of forming broad neighborhood coalitions, I will circulate in the East Village this evening, and the West Village tomorrow night. (Loyal readers are surely aware that locations above 14th are, sadly, verboten.)
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· Second that Resolution [] this, from a man who can’t spell my name correctly! The indignity! another rift healed!

Spring Cleaning Update

What better antidote to CNN than live music? A brief ranking of the musicians we’ve caught so far during Spring Cleaning:
1) The always amazing Marc Ribot at Tonic late last night. (Not to mention the jazz combo earlier in the evening that covered “Love Sick” off Time Out of Mind.)
2) DJ spinning obscure ’80s tracks at Passerby late Monday night.
3) Random Irish bar band rocking the crowd at Flannery’s early Monday night.
4) Open-mic musicians getting their folk on at C-Note early last night.
Tonight: East Village dive night! Among our stops will be downstairs at Nevada Smith’s, where Darrah Carr Dance is hosting a benefit.

Spring Cleaning Update

Last night, Irish bar on 14th Street: At 8pm, one TV is tuned to Bush’s speech. Four other TVs are tuned to ESPN’s analysis of the NCAA men’s tournament bracket. Begs the thought that war might be more popular if it could be structured as a 64-country field.