Scenes from a Snow Day

1) Late Sunday night that, we realize that with a foot of snow on the way by mid-morning, we’ll have a chance to enjoy an uncrowded, leisurely brunch at Cafe Habana. We arrive at 11:30am, and the hostess tells us something that has likely never been uttered inside Habana’s walls: “Sit anywhere you like.” We retreat to an empty table in the back. The mood is calm, relaxed; the food, good. Then the clock strikes 12:27pm. A mob of people push through the door. By the time we leave around 1pm, they’re backed up through the vestibule into the snow on Spring Street. The world — or at least one little patch of it in Nolita — has returned to normal.
2) Leveraging the same theory that normally impossibly crowded places may prove tenable in the midst of a blizzard, we head over to the Barneys Warehouse Sale in Chelsea. Sure enough, it’s crowded, but not insanely crowded. We procure three (3) pairs of shoes and escape with our sanity intact.
3) In the evening, we head to AAP’s digs for the Joe Millionaire finale. Despite the snow, a dozen of our cohorts make the trek as well. MB takes the pool ($68), while we feel stupid for predicting that Evan would pick Sarah. But we’ve enjoyed our snow day, so we take it in stride and slide home.