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Great Boyfriends

When a colleague in the office remarked yesterday, “Did everyone see that article in the New York Sun this morning?” she was met with blank stares. But lo, Manhattan’s thinnest morning daily has found a wonderful web diversion:

Next time a gal finds herself with an unkissable suitor, she doesn’t have to chuck him into the East River.
Instead, she can log onto, the Web site that turns dumping boys into an ouch-free — and almost charitable — process.

The month-old Web site, run by Elle’s agony aunt E. Jean and her sister Cande Carroll, is a repository for Romeos who may be better for a different Juliet. Accompanying each potential boyfriend’s photograph is a picture of the woman who doesn’t want to date him anymore, but thinks somebody else should. The women can be reached by e-mail to serve as a visitor’s “acquisition advisors.”

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Ellen Feiss Update

Kudos to the 195 Angell St. kids for breaking the biggest news story of the fall.

First she turned down David Letterman. Then she said no to Jay Leno. For months, Ellen Feiss, the mysterious Net celebrity who starred in a popular commercial for Apple Computer’s “Switch” campaign, refused all interview requests, including those from the two titans of late-night television.

But Feiss, whose fame continues to grow even as she eschews the media spotlight, has finally granted her first sitdown with a reporter, albeit from an unlikely publication. The interview with the Brown Daily Herald, the college newspaper of Brown University, will be published Friday.

And, it’s a hilarious interview.
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Thin Media

Nick Denton says he’s working on something cool:

Based on what he’s learned from Gizmodo, Nick is planning a blog focused on New York high society. Real estate ads will be a prime revenue source. “The advertisers target old money in the New York Observer. We’ll serve the advertisers targetting the young money,” he said. “We’re getting the formula refined for thin media.” If he could identify the right niches and locales, Nick said, “I’d love to launch one of these a month.”

I love it. Perhaps a relationship with my employer is in the cards — we do high camp real estate gossip better than anyone.
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Sports Update

Two weeks after Bill Simmons announced his quasi-retirement from Page 2, I find myself aimless and drifting during slow mornings at work without his writing to turn to… I do enjoy the Page 2 work of Dan Shanoff, a friend of AAP’s and all-around good guy I met this summer…. As an aside, has anyone written the paean to Simmons that he deserves for his contributions to the global evolution of the weblog medium? For my money, his Boston Sports Guy site (circa 1997-2000) was far and away the best weblog of its time. Then he parlayed it into a major writing gig, and now a Hollywood job. Probably the blog world’s biggest success story…. And while on the topic of random sports-related asides, is there a more strangely branded site on the entire Internet than The URL still redirects to, a charming throwback to the time when Disney had actual Internet ambitions. Now there’s content from MSN arrayed across the top and down the side of the ESPN hompage. Who comes up with this shit?
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Christmas Time In the City

Nov. 8: Starbucks (3rd/44th) switches to holiday-themed cups.
Nov. 15: Christmas carols heard playing in Au Bon Pain (44th/Lex).
Nov. 18: First holiday music heard at Starbucks.
Nov. 19: Giant light-up snowflakes are illuminated above Delancey St.
Nov. 20 (today): Just 34 shopping days ’til X-Mas!
Dec. 4: Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.
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