Monthly Archives: October 2002

P2P Update

Back in April, I posted about P2P file share program KazaaLite. Since then, “Kazaa Lite” has consistently been one of the top five search terms bringing people here from search engines. (By the by: an increasing number of visitors from Altavista in recent weeks. Who woulda thunk it?) I recently downloaded the new KazaaLite 2.0 on my Dell at home, and it’s a great program, as good as Morpheus was at its peak last winter. (Make sure you get KazaaLite, not the original, insidious Kazaa.) But what to do on my Macs? Haven’t found any Mac client that taps into Kazaa’s FastTrack network for sharing. Meantime, if I have a moment this week, maybe I’ll give Phex a try in lieu of the overrated Limewire.
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· RapidRoad Screen Shot [] The future?

Political Compass

Speaking of politics, ever-reliable New Orleans correspondent AK sent along a link to a site that I’d never seen before. It’s a test of where you stand politically — and not merely on a left/right line. Worth the few minutes it takes to complete. The only thing missing is’s cool technology that let us see, lo these many years ago, our mutual compatibility on its personality test. (UPDATE: Attempts to rewrite the previous sentence to make it comprehensible have failed.)
· Political Compass []

Represent Me or Die

Hilarious web discovery, thanks to this week’s Observer, of a writer’s ongoing exchanges with various appendages of the publishing community:

“If your agent’s Binky, then you’re doing O.K.,” said Gerard Jones, a 60-year-old Ashland, Ore., writer. He was referring, of course, to International Creative Management literary agent Amanda (Binky) Urban, who does not represent Mr. Jones, but nonetheless tops his subjective and cranky index to the publishing industry,, which has New York’s literary types bedeviled and amused.

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· Everyonewhosanyone [] …loads of hilarity

Lower East Spam

MM emails: “This is the 5th copy I’ve gotten of this. I think it’s an interesting trend in spam to have non-web businesses that are geographically based decide they are just going to publicize themselves by spamming people.Steele, this is in your neighborhood, what’s going on?” The spam in question is indeed from the folks across the street at the odd Essex restaurant:

The Soleil Group & The Asian-American Board & The Lower East Side Committee bring you a celebration of the free spirit of New York’s Lower East Side. This event has been created as a means of bringing positive people together in a pleasant ambiance. Please forward this message to interested parties.

Excess Wednesdays (Oct. 2nd) @ Essex Restaurant, 120 Essex St.@Rivington

Couldn’t make it by last night, but I will check out the pleasant ambiance of this weekly event and report back.