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Get Paid to Eat* (*sort of)

Well done. Hiro emails about FreshDirect, a company we thought existed only on that giant Jumbotron on the other side of the Midtown Tunnel. Call it the last dotcom: after nearly $100 million in development, it appears they are up and running in parts of NYC (Lower East Side service beginning in December). Sez Hiro: “$50 free gourmet food. No catch. I’m about to order a live 3 pound lobster and a whole octopus. Or you can get frozen pizza or a bar of soap. Take advantage of this before they go out of business just like kozmo.” Perhaps by December it will be too late for me… but maybe not for you.
· Fresh Direct []
· All Hail FreshDirect [] This guy seems to like it too.
· How They Make Money [] One opinion, anyway.
· [] Finally, a quality link.

The Value of Good PR

Hey, this is nice. Book of Ages gets some props over at Publisher’s Marketplace:

Lockhart Steele, Jonathan Van Gieson and Joshua Albertson’s interactive
series THE BOOK OF AGES, filled with trivia, fascinating demographic and
census info, and facts about well-known and successful people at life’s
landmark ages, written (described as “If: Questions for the Game of Life
meets The Secret Language of Birthdays”), to Annik La Farge at Crown,
for two books, for publication beginning in fall 2003 (the first one is
about age 30) as a small hardcover, by Lisa Bankoff at ICM.

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First Time for Everything

Epic. I have spammed myself.

From: “lock” (
Reply-To: “lock” (
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 13:20:10 -0400
Subject: RE: lock , Get Paid up to $40/hr to shop!

lock , This is limited time only!
Get Paid to Shop
Get Paid to Eat!

Get paid to eat? Man, I knew I had some good ideas going…
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