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Talking Points Update

Those of us who had Josh Marshall as a teaching assistant back in the day are justified in our fascination with his Talking Points Memo weblog, one of the best sources for left-leaning political news and chatter on the web. The personal photo on the site, though, is over the top, and now JG sends along an article that reaches the same conclusion:

Shirt aside, perceptive J-Marsh fans might ask: Is the finger thing an accident? Of course not. In fact, it’s a little awkward to contemplate how many versions of this photo were probably produced to generate this exact conjunction of head-tilt, pursed lips and weird, writerly gesture.

In fact, the name of the file itself suggests an exhaustive photo-selection process. “DESKLOOK.JPG” whispers at the existence of a secret directory stuffed full of similar images. One can easily imagine J-Marsh leaning forward over his laptop, his fashionably-ensconced eyes scanning down a list of a dozen possible choices:


Hilarious. Reminds me of a parody page I created last fall. But lo! Now we visit Marshall’s site and find a new photo! Blasphemy! The old one was better.
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Footwear Update

AK continues to do fine work for the TP. He sends a recent article, from which we excerpt:

Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and other backless, high-heeled, and generally non-sensible shoes celebrated by fashion magazines and the women of Sex and the City are meeting less celebration from officials with the St. Charles Parish school district, who said Tuesday that couture footwear cost the public school system thousands in worker’s compensation claims last year… Falls by teachers now represent the most common source of injury to St. Charles employees. And the most common cause of falls, according to district insurance representatives: backless shoes.

· The Times-Picayune [] (very hard to find articles on this site)

Photo Update

While riffing on… several inquiries have come in about the new photo (above). I took it from my roof on Rivington Street in mid-May, looking past Ludlow Street towards Orchard Street. Just below the camera’s eye is the corner of Rivington and Ludlow, which now features the excellent (and undiscovered… just check the Citysearch link) Rivington 99 Cafe but back in the day housed Paul’s Boutique, as immortalized on the Beastie Boys album cover of that eponymous album.

Technology Failure

It has recently come to attention here at that much email sent to @thewebpresence has gone undelivered to the proprietor of this little domain. We’ve figured out why, and righted the problem. But: Apologies to all who have sent us nice messages over the past few months that have gone unreturned. We will make it up to you.

Gonzo Update non-reader MBS writes us:

There is a hilarious letter from Hunter S. Thompson to his agent that I can’t find. I read about the missive, which is supposively circulating around the internet, in the Post today. He’s pissed because he was tricked into sending some letters to Ted Nancy, who many believe to be Jerry Seinfeld. You get my undying admiration if you or anyone you know can find the original missive of Hunter S. Thompson that he sent to his agent.

After a few moments of sleuthing on Daypop (really the very best site on the Internet), we find the scoop over at InfoJunkie… and a link to the fax MBS wanted to see. Our opinion? HST is hilarious as ever, and Ted Nancy is a sad rip-off of the brilliant Lazlo Toth (Don Novello), whose letters are a whole lot funnier.
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George Foreman Update

Well lookie, JA is also on the finance beat.

Of course, there is the rare case when the celebrity is so inextricably tied to sales that the impact is easy to grasp. In 1999, in what was thought to be the largest sum ever paid to an athlete endorser, Salton Inc., makers of the George Foreman Grill, paid the former boxer $137.5 million in cash and stock for the lifetime rights to his name and likeness. (The company had been paying Foreman a 60% commission on Grill sales prior to the deal.)

NB: JA prepared the chicken part of a chicken burrito last week on his Foreman grill that I had the pleasure of enjoying. Mighty tasty… Didn’t see George at Lenox-Tyson. Shame.
· Does cool pay? [CNN Money] Update

Google seems to have picked up on the fact that updates often (har, har) and now trolls the site daily. We’d hate to disappoint Google with two weeks of no updates. So: an update! (Update: update: is in transition to its summer home. Expect updates, the real McCoy, soon.)